Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nokia C2-06 Touch and Type revealed Specs, features and Review

Nokia is going to launch another new phone in the market. And the phone is Nokia C2-06. It is compatible with both touch and type. In this sense it is similar with Nokia X3-02. Because it is also a phone featuring touches and type. Nokia C2-06 has nice camera of 2MP. This phone is featured with dual SIM. Nokia has entered into the world of dual SIM phone last year. They launched their first dual SIM phone which was Nokia C2-00. In this region, especially in India, Bangladesh and China dual SIM phone has a great demand. So Nokia will be able to sell more phones for this new feature added. Nokia has some dual SIM phones which are Nokia C1-00, X1-00, C2-00. The price of the phone is also not so high. The price is 5000 (RS) which is about 120$ (USD)

Samsung T528 Touchscreen 3G mobile | Review, specs and price

Samsung has brought another brand new touch screen phone in the market. It is Samsung T528, a phone in which you’ll find a lot of features. It has a large display of 3.0 inches which is TFT touch screen. It has a nice camera of 2.0 MP with digital zoom. A lot of features are waiting for you in Samsung T528. The device has Bluetooth along with GPRS. It also has 3G high speed internet browsing. You’ll find Wi-Fi in this phone. Dimension of the phone is 110 x 51 x 12 mm. The operating frequency of the phone is GSM 850/900/1800/1900/HSDPA 850/1900 MHz. It has nice battery which is   1000 mAH battery. The weight of the battery is 92 g, talk time 6 hours and 250 hours in standby mode. You can enjoy music and play games with Samsung T528. By using USB you also can charge up the phone within a short possible time. So friends lets have a look

Features and Specifications of Samsung T528
Camera: 2.0 MP with digital zoom
Display: 3.0 inch, TFT touch screen display

Sprint’s Samsung Trender Slide QWERTY CDMA Smartphone | Review, specs and price

Another ultra modern phone has been launched by the technology giant Samsung and Sprint. This is a joint venture of these two companies. For the first time sprint has brought a CDMA phone in the market. And the phone is Samsung Trender. This device is run on ESMR band with 817-824 MHz and 862-869 MHz frequencies. By this device you can capture your favorite moment through its 1.3 MP camera which supports digital zoom. It has nice connectivity system like Bluetooth. Samsung Trender has a battery which ensures its longevity. The battery is 1000 mAh. You’ll be able to talk to your dearest one as long as you want as the phone has up to 5 hours talk time. The dimension of the phone is 107 x 56 x 15 mm. The weight of the phone is 113g. This phone has come with two colors which are Amethyst and Sapphire. You can choose one for yourself between these two.

Samsung Trender features and specifications

Display: Large 2.8 inch, TFT resistive touch screen

Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels

Sony Ericsson live view phone with Facebook and Twitter updates display | Review, features and Specifications

At present Sony Ericsson is trying to bring a change into the world of mini technologies. As a sign of this lately it announced about their newest version of mobile phone. And that is Sony Ericsson Live view. It has come with a lot of awesome features. Specially, Facebook and twitter update features. Now it is available in Indian market. This is not so costly and affordable to almost everyone. It has 1.3 inch OLED display and Micro USB port. Moreover, you can enjoy your favorite songs with its magnificent mp4 player. It is considered as the smallest cell phone because of its 3.5 cm size in both ends.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Price, Review, Features & Specifications

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is recognized as the first playstation smartphone device. The device was brought to the market by a announcement in Barcelona, a famous city of Spain. It was announced at the the function of Mobile World Congress (MWC), which is held in 2011. The operating system of the device is Android 2.3, which is the latest version. Certainly this is a great phone for those who love to play games. They'll enjoy the games here as they enjoy in playstation. Moreover the other features are also spectaculars. Sony Ericsson has added some cool features in this device too as usual. We would say you'll fall in love with the device at the very first look. Time has come to grab a device of Sone Ericsson Xperia Play device to enjoy your time exceptionally. So friends lets have a look the

Features & specifications of Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Processor: 1 GHz Scorpion ARMv7


Display: Large 4 inch Multitouch display


Resolution: 480 x 854


Camera: 5 MP

Best Android QWERTY Phones, Feature and specifications of Samsung Galaxy 551

Display: Large 3.2 inch touch screen

Operating System: Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo)

Processor: 667 MHz

Camera: 3.15 MP with video recording facilities

Memory: 160 MB built in memory and expandable up to 32 GB.

Keyboard: QWERTY keyboard

Monday, December 26, 2011

NOKIA C6-01 Price, Features, Review & Specifications

Nokia has launched another superb smartphone to the market. As you know nokia phones are always in the top position in terms of popularity. The reason is also known to us. We get awesome features along with services in Nokia Mobiles. In this time Nokia has continued their good will by providing some spectacular features in their brand new smartphone. Really Nokia C6-01 is a cool smartphone. You will fall in love with this phone at the very firs touch. Friends let me share the awesome features of Nokia C6-01 smartphone.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800 Review, Featurers and Specification, Nokia Lumia 800 Price

Nokia is going to launch an awesome windows 7 phone named Nokia Lumia 800. This is the first windows phone of Nokia. Earlier Nokia brought another Lumia Series phone dubbed as Nokia Lumia 710. The new Nokia Lumia 800 is really a cool device.

At the present time there are so many smartphone available in the market. So the market is very competitive. Certainly Nokia 800 is going to face a big challenge. Some smartphone like Samsung Galaxy II, iPhone 4s, Motorolla Razor series phone are the probable competitors of this device.

Nokia has continued its trends of launching some cool features in this term too. The outlook of the device is also very cool. You may feel in love with this new device when you see touch it or see it for the first time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nokia N9 Review, Price, Feature and Specifications, N9 Price in India

Nokia has launched another magnificent smart phone. The new phone is Nokia N9. Any new phones of Nokia become the hot cake of the world. In this term the story is not so different. Nokia mobiles are famous for its fantastic along with effective features. It will always stay beside you when you feel lonely. You never feel boring if you have a device with you. So friends now time has come to know about the details of Nokia N9.

Nokia N9 Image
Nokia phones are really awesome for its specifications. First of all we would say about the eye catching display of Nokia N9. If you touch it for once, you may feel that this device is your nearest and dearest one. It has a large capacitive touch screen AMOLED display of4.0 inches. The display contains 16 million colors & 360 x 640 pixels. You’ll see everything alive in the display.

With the arrival of N9, Nokia has brought another camera phone.

Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs has passed away

The legendary hero of the tech world, Steve Jobs (1955-2011) is no more. He has been suffering from pancreatic cancer for last several years. He was died inOctober 5, 2011. At the time of his departure he was 56. He was the co-founder of world famous apple company. The people of the whole world are shocked at the news of his sudden death.

Apple, the world renowned company is the creation of Steve Jobs. Apple has left a message in remembrance to this legend.

Steve Jobs became seriously sick as he took a leave from the company. He was the chief executive of the company. But due to his illness Tim Cook has been given the position of chief executive. During that time Apple declared Steve Jobs as the chairman of the company.
He was a relentless worker. Despite his illness he was present in the inaugural function of iPad. He inaugurated the new version of iPad. Certainly the world has been benefited a lot by this hero. Our life style has been changed because of Apple and off course because of Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs has come before the media for the last time at June during the inaugural of iCloud, the newest online storace service of Apple. After that he was loosing his physical fitness day by day. And lastly the shocking day came, and we lost him.
Apple has brought a revolutionary changed to the world of technology by the iPad & iPhone. It has taken the world ahead just like a storm. iPhone is the most Popular smart phone of the world. Maximum products of Apple are very popular in the whole world.

Previous History of Apple 

Apple started its journey at 1976. Steve jobs found the company when he was only 21 years of old. That time the company became popular. It was going on well till 1984. During this period the company was going with Apple II computer. But in the year of 1984 the relation between Steve Jobs and others stuffs of the company’s broke down due to some reasons. Then Steve left the company in 1985. During that time he established another company named next computers. He returned to the Apple in 1996 and acted as the product executive. From there he has worked a lot to change the company with a vision. He is successful in fulfilling his desire.
Steve Jobs has done a lot for the people of the world. We are leading a enriched and comfortable life because of Apple and off course because of Steve Jobs. He is no more among us but his works his working spirits will help us to lead the ways of our life. We never forget him.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 Review, Price, Features and Specifications

Samsung is going to launch another latest smartphone, named Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung Galaxy S2 release date isOctober 2, 2011. Samsung will release this device before the suspect release date of Apple iPhone 5. This device is coming with a lot of features. Samsung Galaxy S 2 will be available inIndiain a suitable price for the Indian. Samsung is launching this device in keeping the intention of facing a lot of challenges in the market of smartphone. Some others rival companies will release their smartphone almost at the same time too.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 is coming to the market having a lot of spectacular features. First of all it is a super slim phone. The users will find almost everything they need. The display of the device is very attractive. You may fell in love with the device at the very first touch. It has a large display of4.3 inches. It has 1280 x 720 pixels. Really Samsung Galaxy S 2 is going to show you magic through its nice furnished display.

LG Optimus 3D review, features and specifications, LG optimus 3D price

LG has launched their new smartphone, dubbed as LG Optimus 3D. At present the smartphone market of the world is very competitive. There are some smartphones available in the market like Nokia N9, Samsung Gallaxy II and many more. But the main challenge to face will be the Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5.  LG needs to overcome the challenges to make good position to the market. Optimus 3D has come to the market with so many features and specifications. Certainly these features and specifications are effective & helpful. Let’s have a look of LG Optimus 3D review.
First of all we will focus on the display of this LG 3D. It has a large display of4.3 inches. Certainly you’ll feel a different test at the very first touch of the device. Another important factor is its 3D capacitive touch screen display. You’ll find so many exceptional things in LG Optimus 3D. The display contains 480 x 800 high resolution pixels. Everything you’ll see in your monitor alive.