Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs has passed away

The legendary hero of the tech world, Steve Jobs (1955-2011) is no more. He has been suffering from pancreatic cancer for last several years. He was died inOctober 5, 2011. At the time of his departure he was 56. He was the co-founder of world famous apple company. The people of the whole world are shocked at the news of his sudden death.

Apple, the world renowned company is the creation of Steve Jobs. Apple has left a message in remembrance to this legend.

Steve Jobs became seriously sick as he took a leave from the company. He was the chief executive of the company. But due to his illness Tim Cook has been given the position of chief executive. During that time Apple declared Steve Jobs as the chairman of the company.
He was a relentless worker. Despite his illness he was present in the inaugural function of iPad. He inaugurated the new version of iPad. Certainly the world has been benefited a lot by this hero. Our life style has been changed because of Apple and off course because of Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs has come before the media for the last time at June during the inaugural of iCloud, the newest online storace service of Apple. After that he was loosing his physical fitness day by day. And lastly the shocking day came, and we lost him.
Apple has brought a revolutionary changed to the world of technology by the iPad & iPhone. It has taken the world ahead just like a storm. iPhone is the most Popular smart phone of the world. Maximum products of Apple are very popular in the whole world.

Previous History of Apple 

Apple started its journey at 1976. Steve jobs found the company when he was only 21 years of old. That time the company became popular. It was going on well till 1984. During this period the company was going with Apple II computer. But in the year of 1984 the relation between Steve Jobs and others stuffs of the company’s broke down due to some reasons. Then Steve left the company in 1985. During that time he established another company named next computers. He returned to the Apple in 1996 and acted as the product executive. From there he has worked a lot to change the company with a vision. He is successful in fulfilling his desire.
Steve Jobs has done a lot for the people of the world. We are leading a enriched and comfortable life because of Apple and off course because of Steve Jobs. He is no more among us but his works his working spirits will help us to lead the ways of our life. We never forget him.

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