Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nokia’s Hot-Looking N9 Shows Hope for Windows Phone

Nokia is going to launch another brand new phone to the global market. The device is Nokia N9. Now it is the talk of the time. People around the world are now interested with the phone. It expects that soon it will get a great popularity.

Nokia N9 is full of your essential and enjoyable features. It is a bundle of your favorite and expected things. The specification and features of the phone is totally awesome. The N9 has a superb camera of 8 MP with Carl Zeiss lens. So you can capture your nearest and dearest persons photos or your favorite locations photos. Now power is yours. The operating system of the phone is MeeGo 1.2. It has a great storage capacity. Nokia N9 has 1 GB RAM along with 16 GB of memory as built in. This memory is expandable up to 64 GB.

But the matter of wonder is that Nokia has used MeeGo operating system for its N9 to be run. Nokia has left the operating system for Microsoft Windows Phone 7. After that Nokia also has used this operating system again. So MeeGo is going to be used by Windows phone for the last time before closing its chapter forever.

After having a lot of features of N9 Joe Wilcox of Betal News considered the device as a waste. The reason behind it is surely the using of MeeGo operating system. This operating system is considered as the ancient or dead one. But another school of expert which is Gadget Lab thinking is different from the first one. 

It thinks it is a joint venture of Nokia and Microsoft Corporation. They are the two big giant of information and technology. So by this device both the companies released their special ones for us which they have stored for years. According to them this operating system is really so beautiful and exceptional from others. Another important thing is that this partnership of Nokia and Microsoft is very essential to keep alive there products in the global market especially against the products of Apple and Google.

Nokia’s new phone means some new adventurous features. In this term this tradition is also in running mode. One of the new features of the phone is not having any home button. You’ll not find any home button in this phone. It will make you back to the home by swiping from any place of the screen. It is an invention of Nokia, the giant of mobile handsets world. This feature depends on users whether it gets popularity or not.

You’ll find the touch of a new world of technologies by using the phone. This device will show the icon before you in three columns. You can choose your favorite icon easily from them. It will display the comments of your friends which have been sent to you from social networking sites. 

It will also show all kinds of notifications before you instantly. So you can stay connected to your family and friends all the time. N9 has brought these extra advantages for you. You’ll find all the applications and others favorite icons in a tiles mode which is really so stylish. So time is yours to enjoy with the device.

The outlook of N9 is really awesome. After touching the device you’ll feel a different type of feelings which you never feel before. After using the phone you feel like a dream which you never dream before. It is that type of phone. The N9 is really beyond description. It has a large display of 3.9 inch along with a resolution of 854 X 480 AMOLED Gorilla screen. And the external part of the device is covered with polycarbonate body. 

Everything of N9 is decorated so nicely. This device has similarity to iPod Nano. The new N9 is going to be an enormous phone in the world. Already people have become crazy for the phone. Everybody is waiting for the new device of Nokia. Now another thing is that it is joint venture of Nokia and Microsoft. So, a lot of things depend on the handset. Just wait and see.

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