Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G Smartphone Review, Features & Specification

Samsung has launched another cool smartphone to the market. And the smartphone is Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G. Both MetroPCS Communication and Samsung Corporation have announced this smartphone in January 9, 2012. This smartphone of Samsung is a great solution for the people who lead a busy life. Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G is run on android operating system. This smartphone has come with 4GLTE. So you can download everything fast without spending a lot of time likes before.

Display: Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G has a large 3.5” inches touch screen display. Here you can see your videos, photos and others live. Moreover you can make yourself connected all the time to the rest of the world through the instant messaging of facebook and twitter displayed on the screen.

Camera: Samsung has brought a fantastic smartphone really. Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G has front facing 1.3 MP cameras along with rear-facing 3.0 MP camera. You can capture your memorable moments through this camera and can create your own portrait. You can share this easily with your friends and others by using Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G Smartphone.

OS: Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G is run on Android operating system. It has Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Android operating system is the most popular operating systems. Certainly Samsung has introduced an awesome smartphone in the world.

Processor: Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G has a powerful 1 GHz processor. You can play games or watch movies simultaneously. It has been possible for 4G LTE networks.

Upload & Download: Now you can download your favorite movies, videos and so on very fast through 4G LTE networks. You can videos streaming online without any kind of buffering. Moreover you can upload your photos, videos and others with a short time.

Social Networking: You can be connected all the time to your friends, nearest and dearest ones or others easily through preloaded apps of facebook & twitter. You can chat or post your replay easily with the apps displayed in the screen. 

Games: If you are a gamer, it is an ideal device for you. You can play games easily with the device.

Music: Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G is really an awesome music player. You can listen music, pay bill or other jobs in a same time. Moreover you can manage all the open apps easily with the multitask manager.

Google Talk, Skype, Youtube: You can take the advantages of preloaded Google talk, Skype and others from this device. You can watch, download or upload your videos with Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G smoothly.

Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G Features & Specifications

Display: 3.5 inches touch screen display

Camera: 3.0 MP rear-facing & 1.3 front- facing camera

OS: Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Processor: 1 GHz

Social Networking: Preloaded Facebook & Twitter apps.

Others Features: Google, Skype, Youtube


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